Hip Abduction/Adduction


  • Unikt, patenterat och lättanvänt viktvalssystem i form av ett vred
  • Justerbart rörelseomfång (range of motion) möjliggör två övningar i en maskin: Abduction och Adduction
  • Viktmagasin placerat framför kroppen för avskildhet
  • 2,5 kilos viktintervall
  • Spak för ytterligare 0,5kg viktpålägg finns ovanför viktvalsvredet

Längd: 152cm
Bredd: 94cm
Höjd: 142cm
Viktmagasin: 91kg
Totalvikt: 241kg



Nautilus One equipment combines revolutionary weight stack technology and the most intuitive and user-friendly selection method ever created: a dial. Our unique 4-bar linkage and specialized cam design provides smooth resistance and proper muscle loading through the complete range of motion, while fewer guide rods, cams and pulleys extend the life of this product well past other machines. For a unique, safe and effective strength training experience, there is only ONE choice that will ensure your facility stands out from your competition.

  • Maximum muscle involvement with minimum knee and back stress in a compact footprint
  • Four-bar linkage technology controls position and angle of foot platform and provides optimal biomechanics
  • Low height and integrated handle on platform to assist entry/exit
  • Extra wide platform allows varying foot placement
  • Standard 250 lbs (125 kg) patented dial weight selection technology, with a 5 lbs (2.5 kg) incremental weight switch
  • Optional 1 lb or 0.5 kg increments weight switch available on all machines
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